Small Dog Circus 1.  This class is for dogs 25 pounds and under and follows the structure of our Circus 1 class tailored specifically for small dogs.  You and your dog will learn basic obedience as well as tricks. We focus on setting a strong foundation so that your dog can excel at advanced work.  $260 for 6-week class series.

Private Lessons: 1 hour private lessons.  Sign up here.

canine circus school 1 poodle terrier cone

Circus I: This class is for dogs of all ages(including puppies), shapes and sizes. Here, you and your dog learn basic obedience, basic tricks and routines. Small classes allow us to offer individualized instruction.  We focus on setting a strong foundation so that your dog can excel at advanced work.  $260 for 6-week class series.

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thursday circus class

Circus 1.5:

Circus 1.5 is for students who have completed Circus 1 and their dogs show a complete grasp of the Symmetrical Foundation: 1 minute stay, 20-foot Send to a pedestal, 10-foot Send Around Cone, Sit Pretty, Bow, spin.  More importantly, Circus 1.5 dogs show an ability to work away from the handler in a distracting situations.  1.5 dogs practice syncopated group drills at a faster speed and with more precision.   Our trick repertoire is expanded and handlers are expected to start cueing the dog from a distance.

circus school 1.5 spring

Circus II:    This is our advanced trick class, except we take it a step further and include stunts and gags.   Circus II will teach you to get creative with your dog’s training.   More advanced students work on agility, stunts, synchronized behaviors with other dogs,and useful service dog behaviors.  Get your creative juices flowing with improv techniques, music, and mayhem. Learn to entertain as you train. While conditioning physically and building confidence, Circus Class includes  dog costumes and fun photo shoots. $260 for new students to Circus II/ $195 for continuing students.  6-week session.

Prerequisites:  Circus 1 & 1.5; or if you have trained privately with Francis.


À la Carte Circus Classes* 

*Open to all dog that have passed our Circus 1.5 level;  One hour classes that focus on 1 individual trick in a seminar style.  Students will learn the steps to accomplish the trick and receive individual coaching with their dog.

  • Ball Balance: Learn how to teach your dog to balance anything on his head.
  • Shaped Retrieve:  The shaped retrieve is way to teach retrieving to any dog.  By using food to motivate the dog instead of prey instinct, we make a very clean retrieve that fits with our other trick routines.
  • Handstand:  Walking on the front paws.  This class includes all the steps and conditioning techniques to teach a dog to walk on his front legs.
  • Barrel Rolling :  A time tested circus spectacle, excellent for physical conditioning conditioning and balance skills.
  • Rope Hoist: Teach your dog to pull up a rope mouth over paw.  A spectacular feet of intelligence

Contact us for more information about A la Carte class schedule and prices.

9 thoughts on “Classes

  1. I am very interested in Oakland classes for my Bichon Frise. I would like to know how much they cost, where and when they are, etc. She knows several tricks and has passed her CGC. I would like to expand her repertoire so that she has more to do when she performs for schools, senior centers, etc. Her main problem at the moment is being too easily distracted by other dogs or noisy kids. She does well with a quiet attentive audience, but that is not always what we get.
    I would like to know what you have to offer.
    Robin and Poochinella

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