Francis Metcalf’s Canine Circus School

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Obedience – Trick Training – Behavior Problems – 30 years experience

Specializing in: Shy Dogs, Small Dogs, Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, Off Leash Obedience, Aggression, Bull Breeds, Belgian Malinois, Ringsport Coaching, Trainer Education

In person private lessons – Tele training – Group classes – Seminars


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Francis and Balzac

Francis Metcalf is an innovative trainer who uses his breadth of knowledge and creativity to get the most out of any dog.  His unique approach deconstructs training so that it’s easily learned by both dogs and people.  Francis has won national level competitions in French Ringsport with his Belgian Malinois and has certified as a decoy in both French and Mondio Ring. His American Bulldog, Gubby, was the first of his breed to compete in Mondio Ringsport, a project motivated by Metcalf’s love of Bullbreeds. Francis’s 28 years of experience have led him to develop a unique method for the evaluation and education of dogs from diverse genetic backgrounds and temperaments.  The Metcalf Method was born from his desire to bring the nuances of great training to all dogs and handlers.